Hi all. I am a film enthusiast, and notoriously picky about what films I like. This blog covers a variety of films (and some music and video games). I hope you enjoy my salty observations on popular and underground cinema. 
Contact: Please email me at jayhatesmovies@gmail.com if you so desire.

My wife and I live in Montana where we both teach. Let me introduce our family:


Roku is our newest rescue and has proven to be a bit of a prankster (though still sweet). He is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other, but don’t worry–he doesn’t seem to be slowed down at all.


Scooter is our first rescue from Montana. He suffers from anxiety but is super sweet once he calms down. He’s a great buddy to watch movies with.


Kyoshi was rescued in Texas and her grumpy look does not represent her sweet personality. A major couch potato!


Balthazar is our newest rescue. We got him September 30th and he is old and lazy (but so sweet). Balthazar fought off cancer in his spleen and had a major recovery. Sadly, a malignant cancer emerged and we had to let him go September 2020. He was the sweetest boy and left a huge impact in his short time with us.


Hershel was rescued in 2016. He’s a great movie-watching bud. Hershel passed away in April 2021. We were devastated to lose him. One of the most unique and special pups I’ve ever known.


Ellie was born in 2013 and we have had her since she was a puppy. She loves to bark at nothing, which is great for horror movies.


Gizmo was rescued in 2009 and passed away June 2019. He was 17 years old and the best horror movie buddy you could have.