Look! Another bad movie….


This 2015 slasher I suppose qualifies to be called a “film.” It has “actors” and a “story” being filmed—perhaps we should rework the definition. The film opens with an insult to the intelligence of all humanity and does little to go any higher than that.

So why does it suck? That is a harder to question to answer than it might seem. There is simply nothing working here. For anyone interested in making film, consider these issues. A good movie could have come out of this—if anyone would have bothered to try.

One thing to ask yourself, who still cares this much about high school? This movie assumes all of the popular people at high school never move beyond, and while this might be true, the way it is in this film is simply lazy. Secondly, all of the characters are dicks. There isn’t really any other way to put that, these people are awful. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you who was who if you gave me a cast list. The audience needs some minimal investment in the characters to care if they are hacked to death. Here we have people simply announce to each other their thoughts. Utter garbage.

The directing is simply terrible. How many jump cuts does a scene need? I think this film is going for a world record. The camera work is so annoying that there is no way to enjoy a single segment. Coupled with some of the worst acting I have ever seen, there is nothing redeemable here.

Another obnoxious element that I cannot ignore is that this film possibly has the worst soundtrack of any film released in several years. The music doesn’t fit, add atmosphere, or even make sense. Another stupid layer on top of a stupid movie. To call this amateur hour would be an insult to the excellent amateur film makers out there. Leave this pile of garbage in the past. 1/10

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