Returning to a film everyone in my high school was obsessed with…

No photo folks. Couldn’t find one.

I remember enjoying Vampire Hunter D when I was younger, but the film failed to rekindle any interest for me. The film version I watched is the new dubbing, which didn’t bother me, as I remembered very little. The story is plodding. A young woman is bit by a vampire and must hire a hunter, blah blah blah.

The most interesting aspect of this film is how barren of a story it actually is—it is like they knew that teenagers would project themselves onto the film. The brooding male and helpless female tropes are in full swing here. It is amazing to me that a film with such a complete lack of purpose could be so popular.

The art designs are interesting. If there is a saving grace of this film is it the talent behind some of the characters and creatures. However, despite being well drawn, the actors within the narrative are not very interesting. Our evil villain has an assortment of beasts and monsters, but none of them make sense.

The limitations and powers of each of the characters is made up as the story goes. D is basically every character a 13-year-old boy makes up for themselves when they are fantasizing about being a hero. There is no point trying to dissect the narrative as it is complete garbage. There are significantly better anime films to watch than this.  3/10

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