What am I doing with my life?


Yes, Monsturd is a real movie. Recommended to me by friend, let’s see how this film fairs. I have seen a lot of terrible movies, but this one might be the worst. I was surprised to see that this is a 2003 film—as I figured it was dredged out of the old exploitation flicks of the 70s. Most surprising is how many people were talked (or blackmailed) into being involved in this movie.

The acting is awful. Worse than the low-bar set by Syfy films. I get it; that’s not the point. The point is that the filmmakers wanted everyone to see how clever they were. Look at the puns! I am not sure what is worse, the fact this film exists or the fact that some people seem to like it. This barely qualifies as a film. It is a bunch of stupid people doing stupid things for supposed entertainment.

Oh, look the cops eat donuts all the time. Hahahahaha. This is soooo funny. The stupidity of the film is where it tries to garner charm, but it doesn’t work for me. Shit jokes, puke jokes, and idiots—that is the summation of this movie. Though, to be honest, some of it did make me chuckle. The complete absurdity of it might reach some people. I don’t think overall it is worth the watch, though.

The flat-out plagiarism of South Park is possibly the lowest point of the film. Perhaps this would have worked better as a 15-minute spoof film. Otherwise, it is more-or-less worthless.

The most amusing aspect of this film is that on the review boards, some are calling it such a great film because it goes against political correctness. Talk about combing through shit for gold. Not being politically correct apparently equates to being fully incompetent. 1/10

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