Trapped in the apartment during a big storm. Does this thriller pass the time or are we better off taking a nap?


Intruder is another stupid horror film that you can find on Netflix. Unfortunately, this one does not even make for a functional time killer. The film starts with your standard sacrificial killing, I guess to we know the killer means business, and after that we are introduced to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a professional cellist who lives a normal (but kind of boring) life. We get to see her life as our intruder stalks her for days.

The movie is confused about what it wants to do, and this is clear from the start. Is our intruder just a nutter who likes killing, or is he specifically obsessed with Elizabeth? The film wants to argue both, even though those two things don’t really seem to jive together. So, the killer is boring, Elizabeth is boring, the people she interacts with are boring. You might see a theme emerging here.

The problem with these types of films is that we have seen too many of them to be surprised by anything. It is obvious where the story is going, and the simplicity through which it is presented in this film is insulting. You genuinely will not care about anyone in this film. Though it is only 90 minutes, it is a tough slog to get through, even with the cheap nudity to try to keep your attention.

Overall, horror films like this should be banished to film student projects unless someone can do something more interesting with them. It seems the only purpose these can serve is to give a director or actor practice for what will hopefully be a better movie. Oh, and don’t cast Moby in anything.


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