Hey look everyone, a colorful turd is descending from the heavens.


Suicide Squad is worse than I ever could have imagined. By far the worst super-hero movie I have ever seen. Oddly, when I mentioned this to my class, they named a few others “that are worse”—that is not a good mode of trying to salvage this awful film. I am going to go ahead and say it—David Ayer should not make movies. He is way over his head and can only make bloated garbage.

The entire premise of Suicide Squad is stupid. Get supervillains to do superhero stuff. Humorously, the idiot who brains this idea also causes the entire plot to unfold, so if the squad never existed, neither would the threat. Aside from a stupid plot, there are way too many characters to give a shit about. Now, I know comic fans will disagree with me here, but a change in medium brings in a change in audience. Cramming this many into one film simply ruined them all. Most of them did not even seem necessary to the story. I didn’t like any of them because none of them are likable.

The elephant in the room is Jared Leto’s abysmal portrayal of the Joker. I thought Heath Ledger did fine, and it is fair to say that Leto had a big pair of shoes to fill, but he was awful. Absolutely awful. Nothing redeemable about his winded, stupid, and bordering racist performance. It is like they told him to act like a stereotypical black gang member from the 1990s, and he ran with the idea. They should have had him in blackface. I do not make this charge lightly. His portrayal of what the “ultimate criminal” should be was deeply textured with racial coding. How this ever got off the editing room floor is beyond me.

Crap story. Crap acting. Crap action. Shame on everyone involved in this pile of vomit. I can’t believe that anyone willingly lent a hand in the creation of this disaster. The script is an absolute mess, nearly 30% of the film is introductory exposition. I have never been a huge fan of comic book films, and if this is the industry standard I hope the genre goes under. DC films needs a complete revamping of its creative department. Something is seriously wrong there. 1/10

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