How does the oddball family stack up?


Addams Family follows the Addams clan as they believe they have found their long lost relative, Fester (played by Christopher Lloyd). The actual narrative is somewhat thin, and does not matter as much for a film like this one. The Addams’ personalities are what drives the film more than the actual story.

It is odd to rewatch a film I know I have seen 100 times during my childhood. Even odder was the fact that I remembered little. Addams Family is one of those films that both adults and children can enjoy. The humor is dark, punchy, and quick. I wonder how many of these jokes simply flew over my head when I was a child. The dark, fun, and funny atmosphere makes the film worth viewing.

Anjelica Houston and Raul Julia are the true show stealers in this film. They represent one of the most immensely watchable couples in any movie. The interactions between them create some of the funniest (and fastest) jokes. The film as a whole is very punchy with how the jokes are constructed. In many ways, the construction of the humor reminds me more of a British film than an American one.

Ultimately, a review of a film such as this is more or less meaningless. You will either like the film or not based entirely on whether or not you enjoy the characters.  For me, the Addams’ clan is worth watching in this old classic. 8/10

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