A grindhouse collection of old horror trailers.


This is a fairly odd movie, as most of it is just a collection of trailers from old gorefest horror films. The corniness of the trailers adds to the excellent B atmosphere of this production. We join a group of zombie in the theater to watch these trailers as our ventriloquist host and zombie dummy provide odd commentary in between some of the trailers. There is no plot, but the film gives an interesting look into the yesteryear of horror.

I kind of wish we still cut trailers like this. Even when the film is completely ridiculous, they still take it seriously. The trailers are funny, and I might actually look up some of these films.

There isn’t a lot to say about this one. It is a fun and so-bad-it-is-good film. Watch this one with a crowd. Beer and pizza would make the experience much better. I think watching it on my laptop probably limited some of the experience. For gore fans, this one won’t disappoint, everyone else might not get the point. 5/10

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