Romanticized exploitation…


…and found footage. Great. What could go wrong? Last Girl is another one of those horror films where the only point is to watch idiots torture women. If the plot wasn’t obnoxious enough, the found footage will certainly push about everyone over the edge.

The film opts to not name any of the characters, probably because that would take some effort. A man’s wife is kidnapped by a shadowy group who likes to film themselves tormenting women. The man is forced to participate in an effort that they might release his wife, so he brings another woman to them.

The two end up trying to escape the warehouse or wherever it is that they brought them. More than half of the film is staring at a wall or the floor, so I had no idea what the hell was going on most of the time. Found footage is a stupid technique that encourages laziness more than anything else.

Perhaps the worst part of this film is how sexualized the violence toward the women is. You might say that is the point, but they are not trying to show how horrid these things are. Even with the protagonist visibly bothered by what is happened, the camera still focuses on the violence. The audience comes to see the gore, not to be repulsed by it. The cheap attempts that I can almost hear detractors argue that these movies illuminate these issues rather than romanticize them is tired and often insulting.

The people who made this movie wanted to film women being raped and murdered, nothing more. A cheap attempt at a narrative that doesn’t cover up the actual purpose. A lazy and ugly film made by lazy and uncreative misogynists. 0/10

One thought on “Last Girl (2013) Film Review

  1. I’m a big fan of Jay hates and I agree 100% with the review of that film the last girl I have been a fan of whore for 50 years since I was a baby this was truly lazy filmmaking at its finest

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