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Here we have another in a long line of horror films that doesn’t really seem to know what exactly it wants to do. I think they wanted it to be scary, but boy did they miss the mark on that one.

Film follows Colleen (Claudia Lee) as she finds photographs of tortured women, and the police don’t seem to care. Ten minutes into the movie and it is already preposterously stupid. I get that the police might not be sure if the photos are real, but there would at least be an effort to, I don’t know—investigate?

They even dragged Kal Penn into this mess (who I think isn’t a bad actor, just chooses bad movies). Penn plays a sort of meta-critic to the film through a needlessly arrogant and annoying character. The film is obsessed with photographs, and many of them include an obnoxious flash on the screen. I wanted to see the killers die just to have that annoyance end.

The pretensions of the film shine through as it really wants to seem smarter than it is. There is no commentary here, this is gimmick horror if anything. The acting and dialogue are some of the worst I have seen, and the needlessly loud music intrudes into every scene.

This is a stupid movie, but it goes beyond that. This movie is a throwback to the old and more exploitative films that only exist to see women hurt in at least an air of sexuality. These types of movies represent the absolute worst of the horror genre. Stupid, misogynistic, pretentious, and with a side of homophobia. A complete waste of time. 0/10

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