How could a film with this title possibly be bad?


Bloody Bloody Bible Camp came up on my Amazon suggestions, so I decided to give it a shot. I probably should have ignored it, but I do believe that parody films can be good (despite the fact that there hasn’t been a good one made in America in decades). Those who want to see the glory years of Mel Brooks would be better off lighting this film on fire and rewatching Blazing Saddles or one of the other excellent films by Brooks.

This film leans on 1970s exploitation aesthetic and it does refer back to an event in 1977 in the beginning. Aside from the visuals, the dated gender issues aren’t funny, but will give a reaction more akin to watching something out of time. Cheap sex appeals that are more akin to softcore porn, sexist, racist, and ableist jokes combine with absolutely horrid acting to make up this movie.

Movies like this make the corny SyFy productions look like Oscar contenders. How movies like this get made is something I have often speculated upon on this blog, and this movie is another in this category. I get that young actors must work in roles that might not be great, but I would be hesitant to work with anyone involved in this pile of puke if it were up to me.

The audience for this sort of humor might be 13 year-old edgy boys who think that boners and thinly veiled attacks on religion are the coolest and hippest ideas ever. Sex jokes can be funny—but when every sexual scene has a whiff of assault or at least questions of consent—not funny.

We have a bunch of teens who are trying to have sex (even using drugs to encourage consent) and manipulating religious guilt in ham fisted ways. All the while they are hunted by a crazy nun. That’s the story. There aren’t any characters to speak of, and there is nothing redeemable in this entire pile of filth.

I am stunned Reggie Bannister would be in this pile of crap. It saddens me that our Phantasm hero would stoop to this level. Parody movies need to have a deep understanding of the genre they are trying to mock, I am not sure if the people who made this movie have ever seen a traditional slasher.

In the end, we have a film that tries to be shocking and edgy, but ends up just feeling lame and stupid. It appears over the last couple of months I have accidentally tried to find the bottom of horror films—this may be the most incompetently made waste-of-time I have ever seen. 0/10

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