The extreme series heads to Mexico this time around.


I am writing this little preamble before watching the film. I have seen Here Comes the Devil on the boards discussing extreme cinema, but I don’t know if I have talked to anyone who has actually seen the film. Generally, when films reach the cult-like status of true extreme cinema, there is a bit known about them. I know absolutely nothing about this one, and that did make me hesitant to put it on this list. However, I am about to spend the money and rent it, so it is here to stay.

(6:00 minutes in)


(Roughly 2 hours later)

Okay, so I can see why this creeps up on some of the boards. The film is a slow-burner through and through. In many, many ways, this film knocks it out of the park.

The acting is phenomenal all the way through. This creepy tale follows a family of four. The two children go missing overnight on a supposedly cursed hill, and when they are found the next day they begin acting strangely. What exactly happened on that hill becomes an obsession for the parents, who are desperate to discover the truth.

The directing is where this film will probably draw most criticism. It is effective and annoying throughout. For a lot of the film, the camera stays stationary and this gives the scenes a voyeuristic feel to them, which is awesome. We are witnesses to things that perhaps we shouldn’t be watching. The graphic sexuality, raw human emotions, and uncomfortable moments have a hypnotic quality to them.

Unfortunately, sometimes the camera cuts, zooms, and shakes way too much. These moments of excessive zooming detract greatly from the overall experience. Luckily, it is primarily the start and end of the movie where this is the largest problem.

I’m not sure I’d call this one a horror film. It is more a mystery with a supernatural edge. The film is creepy at points, but it is more so interesting to see how everything pieces it self together.

There isn’t a lot of gore, or shocking images, but there is a high level of negative affect. There is something clearly wrong, and we get to watch as these events unfold. I would like to go more into the plot, but it is hard to discuss much of the film without forecasting spoilers.

An aspect I truly appreciated was how unblinking this film was. The images are raw, but maintain a level of realism that doesn’t (for me) dip into being gratuitous. Jerky camera work, some plot holes, and a story that doesn’t warrant rewatching are the few negatives about this film. For extreme cinema fans, this one should satisfy newcomers and veterans to the genre. 7/10.

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