Another haunted house.


We are Not Alone is a Peruvian horror film. In past reviews, Peruvian horror has always had a nice bit of style, and even in the opening credits, you can tell this one has a lot of visual strengths.

We follow a family after they have moved into a new house. To nobody’s surprise, weird stuff starts happening. The film is genre through and through, but it isn’t a bad sample of the horror house trope. Instead of reinventing the wheel with the plot, this one chooses to add character traits that don’t always appear.

The daughter of the family loves horror movies. The father has remarried (or is about to remarry), so we also have a stepmother. These inclusions don’t change much about the film on a large scale, but it does make the story a bit more human.

The film looks great. There are no sets, instead it is clearly shot in a real house. Most of the lighting seems natural. I could see how some might see it as too dark, but I prefer the more natural look. If I had to gripe about anything on a technical level it would be the soundtrack (avid readers of this blog probably aren’t surprised by that). It isn’t obtrusive to the point of ruining the movie, but I did find it annoying.

Adding in a wrinkle of a new mother-figure helps with some of the oddities surrounding belief in haunting or not. The father at first believes it is the daughter playing pranks, and not something more malevolent. Out of most of the recent horror films I have seen, this is the most believable construction of this genre trope I have seen. However, once that no longer becomes an excuse we are back to the same old stupid crap with this.

Once the couple discovers a boarded up door the horror truly starts. The film isn’t necessarily scary, but there is a lot of tension in the scenes. The special effects will probably be divisive. For me, they weren’t the most convincing, but they did get the job done. Where the scares fall a little flat is an overreliance on jump scares.

The biggest weakness of the film is that if you have seen The Conjuring, you have seen this. The two films are a little too similar. This one is a bit more understated, but a lot of the scary moments are going to be predictable.

IN the end, we have a well made, but familiar tale. I think people in the mood for this type of movie will be mostly satisfied. 5.5/10.

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