Netflix lies to you.


Netflix makes Don’t Kill It look like a normal horror film in the little preview. Instead, we get an absurdly cheesy and funny film more in line with the Evil Dead. We follow Jebediah (Dolph Lundgren) as he tries to discover the source of an ancient evil terrorizing a small town.

The evil can possess people almost immediately, and once possessed people start killing everyone around them. There isn’t much of a plot. The movie is a love letter to the ridiculous horror and action films of yesteryear.

Here we have a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and also doesn’t try to be meta or edgy. Instead, we have a straight up enjoyable film. It is rough around the edges, and the more story-focused moments aren’t as laughable and great as the absurd violence.

Fans of Lundgren will probably be drawn to this film more than folks without an opinion. His character is an awesomely stereotypical movie bad ass—who vapes. The movie balances humor, cheese, and gore in good fashion.

The demon itself is probably the most entertaining character due to how ridiculous it is. It pleases me that everyone in the town is kind of dumb, but they play their dumbness completely straight. The film increases the stakes and the blood spatter (the effects are perfectly over the top) at an ample pace.

By no means is this what one would call a good film, but it is fun. There isn’t a lot to say about. The plot is incredibly predictable, but it is a trip down a 1980s themed memory lane. 8/10.

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