Seriously, how can you pass a title like that up?


This movie is so stupid that it might actually be harmful to those who watch. Seriously, this pile of crap makes Monsturd look like the freakin Mona Lisa. I think I forgot large chunks of my education during the 90 minutes of my life I will never get back. Some day, when I am dying, I will wonder why I wasted time watching this particular film. I could have done so much better. I honestly think selling drugs would be a better use fo time than this film.

Some of my students are concerned about the negative portrayals of Greek Life in film, and I have always thought that perhaps this was overstated. I must admit I was wrong, this one makes the stupidity of Animal House seem like a true academic exercise.

So, the movie is about a satanic sorority, but whatever plot might be present is washed away in some of the worst acting, writing, directing, and everything else. Nothing is done right in this film. I think we could use this film as an extreme interrogation method as it is so repulsive to the senses. If your choices are watching this film or actually doing what happens in this video, choose to follow the video. Even if you are allergic to eggs, avoid this film at all costs.

I have watched some exceptionally stupid films, but this one I truly do not understand how it was made. How the hell did they get anyone to agree to be in this? How did anyone sign off on this? Did the editors kill themselves? The music itself is so damn annoying that I couldn’t really blame anyone who fled to the desert while having to try to polish this piece of duck shit.

The pretension of this entire project shows how misguided the people involved truly are. The end credits go beyond stupid into the realms of offensive. This film is literally the type of crap that will probably end up Alex Jones’ nonsensical ramblings.

Avoid this one at all costs. Vomitomelet/10

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