Maybe the sequel is better? (No.)

(A special Tuesday review.)


Prom Night 2 is interesting in that it actually corrects a bit from the first one. The link between the past crime and the current prom make more sense, and it just seems a but more put together. Mary Lou dumps her boyfriend at prom in 1957 and he attempts to drop a stink bomb on her, but lights her on fire instead. Thirty years later Mary Lou’s spirit is released and now it is spooky time.

The film works a bit better on a narrative level, but it is still just as contrived. The story is predictable, and the characters are even less likable than the first. This film seems intent on making us hate teenagers, and it is interesting to see how many stereotypes about teenagers today are present in this film. The first film had a bit more of a tongue-in-cheek look at high school, and I think that helped the stupidity of it all. Having this one played so straight makes a lot of the scenes cringe worthy.

Aside from a surprising amount of slut-shaming, we also have the over-sexed male trope present. No wonder teens have such a hard time communicating with adults if this is how they are portrayed.

Anyway, back to the film. Knowing that it is the spirit of Mary Lou dissolves the intrigue of the first movie. Granted, this one does hang together a bit smoother, but the predictable pacing makes a lot of the middle section boring.

I know this is a sparse review, but this is just a tasteless pile of crap. In the end, we have another movie that seems to hate women. Female sexuality is exclusively shown as something negative and dangerous. The bordering competency of the plot structure makes this film even worse given its views on women. 0/10

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