A reclusive man is haunted by an evil spirit.


Door to the Other Side tells the story of Tim (Mitch Holden), a reclusive man who refuses to leave his home. Tim is haunted by a wicked spirit that has haunted him for years. Now, elderly and alone, his kind neighbors try to force him out of his shell, but the spirit latches onto anyone who comes inside of his home.

The film is a slow burner, and Holden is certainly the best part. He plays his part incredibly well, and it is easy to feel for Tim as he struggles to cope with his surroundings. His reclusiveness is interesting, and his nice (yet forceful) neighbor Nick (Nicholas Bianchi) does his shopping for him. Nick’s wife, Joan (Chelsea Gilligan) seems to be the one pushing Nick to help Tim socialize.

We have an interesting premise, but the film starts doing some weird stuff. It is revealed quite early that Joan is actually working Tim’s psychologist. This twist makes the kindness of Nick and Joan seem somewhat forced. Further, later twists in the film continue to diminish the original premise.

The acting is also quite uneven. While Tim is a believable and interesting character, no one else really is. The dialogue sounds forced, and the interactions between people have odd pauses as though they were waiting for a cue. What this does to the film as a whole is makes only part of it enjoyable. I only cared when we were interacting with Tim on his own.

The film isn’t scary, but there is a certain level of tension within the household. The ghosts are relentless, and Tim’s interactions with them can be chilling, but there isn’t much of an aftertaste.

The film is more or less uneven—perhaps tipping towards good until the final act where there is a need to explain everything. Instead of allowing some things to be more mysterious, they opted for a series of reveals and twists (including the ending) that don’t all add up nicely. The focus seems to shift from a haunted reclusive man into something else, and here is where the film kind of fails. The ending is a bit of a dud, and I wonder how much as this was forced to make it seem more like a horror movie. If they would have kept the dramatic feel throughout, I think it would have been a stronger story.

If you’re up for a flawed film with an interesting premise, give this one a go. 5/10

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