A violent fever dream.


Psychopaths is the new film by Mickey Keating that of course played nowhere near me, so I had to wait to rent it. I am a huge fan of Keating’s work, and have been looking forward to this one for some time.

Keating’s previous films are quite different from this one, mainly in that they have a coherent plot. Psychopaths is about a violent night where an executed prisoner claimed his death would herald chaos, and chaos seems to be a major theme of this film.

This is going to be a tough one to review because all I can really talk about is the style. And holy shit is the style intense on this one. The violence is chaotic (I should start using a synonym for that word), the sequences are psychedelic, artful, ugly, and beautiful all at once. There are some impressive moments of torture and madness that will be hard to forget.

We also have Ashley Bell proving again she is one of the more interesting actors in contemporary horror. Her portrayal of Alice, a psychotic and violent killer, is simply fantastic. These moments are the most interesting and I wanted to see/know more.

Totally not crazy.

There are a few flaws within this film. The biggest being that this is certainly not for everyone. We have a grindhouse flick suffering from a bad acid trip. For me, this was an excellent snack of a film that hit just what I was looking for. For others (perhaps most others), this is going to be simply too artsy and weird. Fans of Keating will know what they are getting into, and I believe this will endear him to his followers even more. Unfortunately, I do not know how much reach this one is going to have. Granted, I am not sure Keating (or the cast and crew who seem to work with him often) are concerned with mass success, but it would be nice to see more attention brought his direction.

The major flaw for fans of the film is that our attention is divided between three psychopaths. While each are interesting in their own way it is likely you will want to see more from one and less of the others. Honestly, a full film could have been made for each one. If you’re looking for an experimental film that pushes the outer boundaries of both cinema and horror, give this one a shot. 7.5/10

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