My laziest review ever.


26 segments. Are they great, good, okay, bad, or crap?

A: Bad

B: Bad

C: Okay

D: Crap

E: Okay

F: Crap (also WTF)

G: Crap

H: Crap

I: Good

J: Bad

K: Crap

L: Great (but pretty messed up)

M: Crap

N: Crap

O: Bad

P: Crap

Q: Good (this one is at least clever)

R: Okay

S: Great

T: Good

U: Bad

V: Crap

W: Good

X: Okay

Y: Crap

Z: Crap (and a really dumb ripoff)

A cool idea is squandered by a lot of half efforts and simply terrible segments. Skip it. Can’t wait to watch the second one…

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