The cinematic equivalent of pissing on Romero’s grave.


George Romero’s Dead franchise is one of the most important series in the horror genre. I honestly don’t think his importance can be overstated. However, this is another in a long line of spinoffs that are simply trash. To be fair, Romero’s later work wasn’t great, but it didn’t hurt your brain to watch it.

Honestly, this is about as competent as an elementary school film. Disgusting characters, plot, editing, sound, and so forth. The entire film is just awful. Okay, I am ranting a little.

The film covers the start of the zombie plague to five years later where the remaining survivors of one bunker are trying to find a vaccine. Plot wise, the story is pretty boiler plate zombie, and this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Zombie movies can be fun even if they aren’t anything special.

What really ruins this one is the terrible writing. The characters are simply awful. Not only do they do everything in an unbelievably dumb way, they don’t act very well while doing it. We actually have people giving tough-guy speeches to zombies in this one. But wait, we can’t call them zombies, nope—rotters. What the hell is the problem with calling zombies zombies?

The zombies here are terribly inconsistent. Whether they are smart or stupid, strong or weak, loud or quiet, and so forth are not stable throughout the film, and this drives me nuts. The Walking Dead has had similar problems, but given the condensed space makes it all the more annoying.

The boilerplate plot, bad characters, and subpar acting drag the film down. The action scenes are okay at best, but these are too few and far between to be anything redeeming. The worst part of the film might be our lead, Zoe, who narrates in a sleepy voice far too often.

I could probably do a better job writing this review, but it is too crappy to even make fun of, and they could have done a better job making the damn thing. Honestly, this film will be forgotten soon, and will only reappear as part of Dead anthology collections. Absolute garbage from start to finish. 0/10

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