Let’s head to Spain on our 1970s journey.


Instead of giving a nice lead in, let’s just get to it: the film quality sucks. I mean, it suuucccckkksss aaaasssssssssssss. The audio quality isn’t much better, with nice pops happening in your ear and a static background. In short, the whole thing is a pleasant viewing experience.

The audio is dubbed, which is unfortunate. Granted, if you are looking for a film to make fun of the dubbing will help. The whole thing is a clichéd and desperate cash-grab to capitalize on the popularity of The Exorcist. We follow a Gypsy cult who kidnaps a child to sacrifice it to Satan. The Gypsy kills herself when caught by police, and possesses the chief’s daughter.

The scenes are epically cheesy, as is just about everything in the film. I must admit, there is a certain level of fun to be had here. However, you can only watch so many of these films without them all starting to run together. There is no dread in this film. Sure, some of the plot points are dark, but it just kind of goes through the motions without any care to emphasize a scary moment, or make the viewer sit in the darkness. Instead, we more or less just leap from plot point to plot point all with the possessed girl saying rude things to people.

Another weird trend in these movies is that people just sit around and talk for way too long. Here, we have doctors giving a bunch of pseudo-mumbo jumbo against the priest who thinks she is possessed. We all know in the audience what is going to happen, so getting to the point a little quicker would help. I don’t mind when a film wants to have skeptics, but this is just filler. We also have lengthy subplots with the priest and an early love of his that serve little to no purpose. The film could have probably been a serviceable 45-minute story, but we seem to resist doing those at all costs.

The film slogs towards an expected and boring ending. I guess if you’re in the mood for cheese, check this one out.

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