Let’s watch another teen-scream.


I do wonder how national fraternities who are scrambling to improve their image react to films like this.

We are introduced to a bunch of unlikable frat bros as they prepare for their final party before graduating. I swear I should just copy and paste my complaints about unlikable characters that actively repel audience interest in horror films. Seriously, this is a carbon copy of about a thousand other setups.

Dehumanizing hazing is present here, and I suppose I was naïve to think that this sort of crap had been going downhill. I suppose the other option is the people writing these movies have an idea of what college is like without bothering to do any research.

You might think I am harping too long on the setting, but in my defense that is all I can talk about. There is nothing horrorish about the set-up—at all. We get the whole fake out intro where something is going to go bad, but then spend too much time watching entitled dicks be entitled dicks.

After some dicking around, they discover a tunnel that leads to a room filled with lamps. While this might sound stupid you would be surprised… no wait it is stupid. We also don’t do anything with this and get back to more stupid crap.

I haven’t even mentioned that this is another found-footage film, so enjoy the shaky camera the whole time. Honestly, the dialogue will hurt the inner being of your soul so much you won’t notice the shaky cam. I swear they must have gotten a bonus for creating characters you’d rather jump in front of a train than interact with.

The film doesn’t understand how people actually function. We have one cameraman who magically captures everyone at the point of the plot progression. Nothing is left to our imagination, and while this might seem like a small complaint it disrupts the narrative. It is as though the other characters stop and wait for the person on camera to take their turn.

As is expected, the house has a dark history and since they dropped a keg through a wall it somehow awoke the dark spirit. I believe I read that once: ghosts react strongly to kegs after decades of dormancy.

The film isn’t scary, and the few jump scares do little to detract from some truly terrible characters. I honestly don’t get the appeal of this sort of crap. The saddest thing is that if someone saw this as their first horror movie, they would walk away from the genre forever. This film is so bad that its existence hurts not only horror but the entire form of cinema. The entire thing is little more than unappetizing rubbish. Burn this movie.

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