Let’s play in a spooky house.


It isn’t a good sign when I don’t recognize the production company of a horror film. I watch a lot of horror—too much horror—seriously, it has become a problem. The Evil Down the Street is another straight-to-stream horror film that has appeared unceremoniously on Prime. The sheer volume of these films is nothing if not astonishing. They blend and blur into one another and I am not certain releasing films this way is doing anyone any favors.

We follow the Ryan family as they move into a new house and spooky crap starts to happen. However, before we get to any of the horror we are treated to some terribly stilted dialogue—another feature of these films. These scenes would have been better ad-libbed than forced to repeat what seems like a rushed script.

Before your headache can subside from the terrible writing, we are given our first sleazy camera angle of the film (at a whole 3:00 minutes in). I try to be nice(ish) to these low-level independent films, but if you have to zoom in on a teenager’s ass to keep the audiences’ attention you should probably have waited to start filming. This sort of immature garbage plagues these films and will turn off anyone wanting to explore indie-horror will run away from this crap.

That’s right, this is so bad it will actively hurt the genre.

Aside from terrible acting and writing, we also get an oddly inconsistent production value where things go from surprisingly good to fuzzy and awful in a flash. All through empty and boring scenes.

I’m not sure what there is to say about this. The entire thing is a waste of space that is more tiring to watch than anything else. If fails to even be worth making fun of. Don’t walk—run from this piece of garbage. I hope everyone who worked on this can get beyond the stain of being connected to such a pathetic narrative.

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