Let’s miss the gold old days of horror.


Soul to Keep has about every red flag imaginable when one is selecting a horror film. First, who has even heard of this? Granted, unknown indie horror can sometimes have a real treat, so we can forgive this one. Second, we have horrible camera work from the opening scene. Shaky cam can just go die in the ocean as far as I am concerned. Third, and lastly, the film is yet another one that is victim to an astonishing amount of fake positive reviews on IMDB. The company needs to do something to weed out these false praises as it is probably doing more harm than good for film in the long run. When I see these obviously fraudulent scores it makes me hate the movie.

You will note we haven’t even gotten to the story yet. I do hope the writers or directors of this one actually finds this review as maybe they can do something to prevent this from happening to their next project.

This is a low budget horror film with obnoxious characters who are the type of people I would go out of my way to avoid in real life. From the opening scene, I have no investment in any of their lives, and once they finally start dying, I will feel nothing.

Honestly, I took a break halfway through to do dishes as I thought that would be more mentally stimulating.

The film wants to be Evil Dead, but without the charm or originality. Apparently, this was meant to be a horror comedy, which might have worked better than this derivative crap.

We follow a group of friends who are renovating an old family home and of course find a demonic object and dick around with it. Horror film seem to want to exist in a vacuum, but you’d have to figure some of this people would have some sort of misgiving about screwing around with this stuff, and then sticking around once things get increasingly weird.

There is nothing new here to hold onto. The only thing this movie will do is make you want to watch older (and better) films that this one is ripping off. Soul to Keep is almost offensively boring. A bad story, filmed poorly, and with terrible characters. You’d be better off watching paint dry.

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