Let’s watch comedy die.


Scary Movie is a tolerable comedy that has some good lines, Scary Movie 2 is a sin against nature. What happened? Even just following the first one beat for beat would have turned out a better film than this.

Anyone who died in the first one is back and this time they are going to Hell House to participate in research. Tim Curry is in this film. Why? I don’t know. I’m not sure of anything after seeing this film.

I want to give a plot summary, but there isn’t a plot. Once they get to Hell House we end up with disjointed and stilted scenes that drag on. The movie is oddly proof of the paranormal as it makes its 80 minutes running time feel like 4560 years.

This film killed my capacity to feel feelings.

Some of the ideas are funny, but the film just drags on the scenes. What could (and should) have been a one-liner becomes an entire scene. What happens here is that characters and the already thin plot disappear from the story.

I hate this movie. I think that those involved should be ashamed as this is so obviously a cheap attempt to make some money off other popular cinema. Sure, that is the role of spoof films, but here we can see there was no respect to any of the source material. I’m not even sure the creators watched the original films or just did a cursory read of the plot.

The tragedy here is how many decent films were shelved in favor of this? Sure, the first one was a hit, but I can’t imagine anyone looking at the script thought they were making anything worthwhile. It is also amusing that this is the only one of the series on Netflix (the only reason we watched it). Great job, Netflix. I’m sure you’ll do great in the coming shitstorm of competition by scooping up films that should have never been made.

Burn this movie. I’m not watching the rest of this garbage series.

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