Let’s get shady.


Bong Joon Ho’s new film is pleasing both fans and critics. Honestly, it seems to be considered one of the best films of the year. In a rare case of solidarity with normal critics, I agree.

We follow the Kim family who are down on their luck, living in an infested basement (infested with bugs, toxic chemicals, and people peeing right outside their window), and struggling for case. When the son Ki-woo is given an opportunity to tutor for the wealthy Park family, he takes the job with glee.

Shortly after meeting the Park family, Ki-woo realizes how easily the matriarch of the household can be manipulated and brings his sister on as an art tutor. Neither of the Kims are qualified, but that doesn’t stop them from beginning to earn a decent wage by telling the Parks what they want to hear (or creating solutions to fictitious problems).

The Kims slowly take over the Park household as they conspire to remove anyone who stands in their way. Both the Park driver and their maid are slowly forced out to make room for the Kim mother and father.

Finally, the Kim family has a taste of the high life. However, something dark lingers in the Park household that threatens to unravel it all.

The film looks fantastic. Every shot is well lit and gives man scenes a sinister or alien vibe. Coupled with excellent acting from the whole cast (and with Bong’s signature weirdness) we have an overall excellent film.

This is a biting class commentary that pulls no punches as it forces you to consider (and then reconsider) who belongs in the traditional villain or hero role. As the complicated web continues to unravel, it becomes clear that our standard ideals of narrative normalcy simply won’t work here, and we are given a truly unique story.

I don’t want to say much to avoid giving anything away, but this one is certainly worth a watch. I think the ending is perhaps the only weak point, but that is entirely subjective. I do think this is Bong’s most accessible work and it might be among his best.

Treat yourself to a tense evening. A must see.

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