Let’s examine the definition of insanity.


The old saying of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results might well fit the current trends in found footage horror. I feel like I have written this review before because I feel like I have seen this movie before.

The Evil of Nowhere is another ghost-hunting found footage horror film where we follow haunted house enthusiasts who might get more than they bargained for.

I’ve lamented over the issues with found footage before. There needs to be a new push in this subgenre if it is going to remain fresh. These microbudget horror films showcase people who have interest in the genre, but they aren’t pushing the boundaries. Of course, part of this is due to budgetary concerns, but leaning deeper into the narrative would at least distinguish this one from the hundreds of others.

It might not be fair, but every time there is a new found footage horror film it will ultimately be viewed as worse than those that came before if it recycling the same stuff.

To the creator’s credit, they seemed to want the dialogue to feel natural. However, this doesn’t work with the found footage angle as we are shown manufactured conversations by nature of them being filmed. The naturalness of the dialogue only works with our hosts. The folks they interview seem too stilted (almost like their reading a script).

We also get a lot of camera trickery with distorted voices and an overly long introduction. On the one hand, this does make it look like one of the dozen or so ghost hunting shows on the travel channel. On the other hand, it is in part what makes this film drag on. At a nearly two-hour running time there simply isn’t enough meat on the bones to maintain interest.

We also have another film that is plagued by fake reviews (this time on Amazon). Whoever thinks this is a good idea needs to stop. First, I watched this for free on Prime, so you’re not getting them any money. Second, people who expect something a bit more unique are going to be pissed when they find another microbudget film with nothing special and rate it harder.

The setting is well used. Mixed with (too dark) creepy lighting the old farmhouse does have the spooky vibes needed for a classic scary story. They picked a good location, and the environment lends itself to the story set up. However, once again, we’ve seen this before.

Boring, predictable, and overly edited. With the hundreds of found footage films out there right now there is no reason to choose this one.

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