Let’s go back to our roots.

The roots of this blog are reviewing dumb as hell horror movies that no one has ever heard of. In spirit of how long I’ve been doing this, it seems time to return to some good old schlock.

A Nun’s Curse is a fantastic exercise in crap filmmaking. A group of people who seem to hate each other (and are easy to hate) end up travelling to a haunted location. This one has the added bonus of some truly atrocious acting. I get that this film was probably filmed in a weekend on a single camera, and the script was written in the mud, but even knowing this the acting still sucks.

The characters are so terrible that listening to and watching them is physically nauseating. Seriously, I feel ill while writing this. Send help. We are witnessing the death of art.

I hate these characters. These are horrible people that represent the worst of horror in a nicely packed shell. Given the stilted dialogue and terrible delivery I wouldn’t be surprised to learn this is some sort of public access project for high school dropouts. The ineptness present here is simply unforgivable.

I think some micro budget horror films are made for a love of the genre. This one reminds me of a horrid asset flip you’d find on Steam. The whole nun angle is a bit questionable given how popular the nun became in the Conjuring universe (though even that nun is underwhelming).

A random plot generator could come up with something more original than this mess. Stupid characters in a stupid setting with a stupid threat. Of course, the film fails at its base intent of being scary, which is hilarious as they ripped everything else off but couldn’t stick the landing.

We’ve gone through a lot of shit movies on this blog, but this is easily in the lower 5%. The characters here are so unlikable and disgustingly caricaturized that waiting for them to die was the only thing that kept me going. The script should have been burned. I am not even sure extensive revisions could have saved the story. If the base kernel of two sisters who hate each other, and two diametrically opposed douchebags wander into a haunted location is the root of this story it will ultimately be a failure.

Easily one of the worst movies of the year. The jackasses leaving positive reviews (obviously family and friends) should be ashamed. Your dishonesty might trick someone into watching it, but they’re going to hate it, and everyone involved in it. I suppose that’s the point though. It really does seem like this was just made to squeeze money out of folks who were bored on lockdown.

Ignore this trash.

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