Let’s hurt our heads.

Tremors 6 takes everything that sucked about the previous sequels and doubles down on these moments. This time around, we’re following Burt and his son as they go into Canada to track some graboids. Despite the title and the location, we end up with characters complaining about the heat for most of the film.

What’s new here? Nothing. We have completely abandoned our horror roots and instead have this odd machismo driven drivel force fed to us like we’ve been naughty and need to think about our failings.

Nothing characters and a nothing script equate to film that is shockingly empty. We have scenes with characters yelling at each other and acting stupid, which I guess add up to create a film. Casual sexism (and more of our diet racism) place this one in some sort of time capsule. I’m not sure if the writers of this film ever met or worked with a woman before. A painful segment about taking pants off will make you nauseous from the stupid. There is no excuse for this subpar creativity in 2018.

It is hard to even bother reviewing this film as the entire series has been reduced to “watch redneck fight worm” and little more. Characters are introduced to only be killed (which is perhaps the dumbest thing a horror movie can do) or serve as exposition bots with no personality. There is no point in getting attached to anyone here as Burt is the only one that we can count on coming back. Sure, this doesn’t differentiate itself much from other horror series where only a handful of survivors come back, but here Burt just can’t carry the show.

Michael Gross does his best. Despite these movies being C grade (at best), we really should give a nod to Gross as fully throwing himself at the character. The problem is that we’ve now made Burt more of a lucky moron than anything else. He’s so hung-up on technical terms and hoorah type bullshit that he ignores the fact that Travis (Jaime Kennedy) was in the military. Burt has become Flanderized, meaning his entire personality is now his prepper-quirk.

The Tremors films have all reduced themselves to a pack of people stuck in an area trying to figure out a way to kill the warms. With each new iteration of the series the threat becomes more of a nuisance as it seems none of the main characters are in danger.

Overall, we have a terrible film with terrible writing. There isn’t anything redeemable here as it all feels like an exercise to throw some bones to the hardest fans of the series. The whole thing feels like an inside joke and/or fan service. What is weird is we have watched all these films in short order and none of these inside nods meant a thing to us. I’m sure for some this is a fun enough experience, but for those who do not love all things graboid this is easily one of the worst films I’ve seen recently.

Can’t wait for the next one.

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