Let’s watch a “movie.”

This is an interesting find this week as we may have found the horror equivalent of The Room. I’m not sure what to say about this one. Do we comment on the complete absence of film techniques, sound design, writing, storytelling, acting? I mean, really, where do we begin?

This one follows students who are asked to stay the night in a supposedly haunted location. However, what it really is about is a mind experiment to see how much sheer oddness you can handle. The voices are dubbed…horribly. The supposed college students seem to be in their thirties.

The whole thing is so shockingly inept that I am not sure what I experienced was actually real. Did anyone else see this movie? Have I watched too many horror films that now I see that which exists, will exist, and does not exist? In this brave new extradimensional awareness are all movies so off-putting and bad yet oddly hypnotic that all pain ends?

I legitimately think watching this movie may cause you to smell dreams.

My God, the dialogue is so amazingly bad that it is almost amazing. I mean, this has to be intentional, right? We have some hillbilly shout about seeing a head uninterrupted for what feels like about seven years before anyone else bothers reacting.

The whole thing is so painfully long that you’ll forget who is who and what is going on at about the halfway point where a loud noise will drift you back from your semi-conscious state. I watched the whole thing and honestly have no idea what the point of this was.

If you’re looking for something that has to be seen to be believed or want to torment your friends, this is a must watch. I can’t believe this doesn’t have more of a following. This has to be one of the unintentionally funny and stupid movies I’ve seen in a while.

I legit have no idea what the hell the point of this one was.

How does this exist?

2 thoughts on “Fatal Exam (1990) Film Review

  1. Omg you got me laughing so hard, cause I watched the movie on Shudder and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. But what’s funny is, that now I can’t stop watching it lol cause I still can’t believe this movie even exist lol. Just like the WINTERBEAST. that was is another gem lmao.


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