Let’s LARP.

The film starts with a definition of LARPing before going into the historical context for the spooky location. I assume the creators believed the audience to be too stupid to know what LARPing is, to be able to figure it out, or how to use a dictionary.

Good start!

I don’t know any LARPers in real life but assume they’re fine people. I am going to ruthlessly mock this film in the review here and do not want this to be seen as a commentary on a subculture I don’t know much about.

I do assume most LARPers don’t cosplay as Nazis and have such an extreme commitment to their art to be locked into a bunker and have such an intense budget.

I wonder if they went with the LARPing angle because the acting is so bad. I honestly had no idea what the hell I was looking at. We’re going to pretend to be Nazis and party? I mean, what?

Anyway, in our probably million-dollar budget role-playing game, things start getting weird. Is something going on or is just another trick? Follow bad characters written poorly to a boring conclusion that will still have you asking why anyone would be interested in doing this.

We have a split in the film where the first half is cringey and awkward LARPing and the second half is stupid and cringey maybe not LARPing. I think there may have been an idea here that simply got smothered by numerous other little points the film wanted to make. I have no idea what their intention was.

This is just a nothing film. Not worth the time and a rare horrific misfire from Shudder.

Skip it.

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