Let’s watch the clock.

We have a new zombie flick where the twist this time is that after an attack the zombies are in a sort of trance for 32 seconds.

Basically, it is red-light green-light with zombies.

Our heroes must use this to their advantage as the virus spreads through Montevideo. Can they get to safety in 32 seconds?

We follow a young and separated family as they must figure out some way to stay alive and ahead of the new threat. There are so many zombie films out there that I don’t really know what to say about the opening. We get our characters introduced and see how they are moving in different directions while also seeing something strange happening in the background that will eventually lead to chaos.

I’m not knocking this film for not reinventing the wheel when it comes to the opening sequence. Honestly, this one goes for a stylized and long-shot approach that is quite nice to watch. The directing in Latin American horror seems to be focused on the long-shot style, and I am a sucker for it. There is an inherent quality to the technical aspects of the film here that elevate even the mundane moments.

I like that this one cares about the little things. The scenes are framed well and in a lively manner. It doesn’t feel like we’re on a set, but rather in a real apartment or office. The characters feel real and the dialogue doesn’t feel stilted.

Slacker mom Iris and child Tata drive the narrative. Iris must take Tata to work with her as she takes an extra security shift at a club. It looks more like a Boys and Girls club than a dance club if you’re wondering.

We end up with some forced dumb characters introduced around the midway point. The film becomes more cat and mouse and suspenseful rather than all out horror. The forced human conflict does not work as well as just a straight up zombie film would have. For how great the set-up is, it becomes a bit circular in the end.

I liked this one but did not love it. I think it I had not recently watched The Sadness this one would have been more of a breath of fresh air. For fans of tense zombie styled terror, this one does well. I’d call this a good not great viewing.

Give it a go.

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