Let’s see what is inside. 

Crimes of the Future marks David Cronenburg’s return to body horror and I am all for it. Here, we have a sort of dystopian society where humanity is evolving into strange new directions. Infections are gone, and pain seems to be mostly a thing of the past. Individuals now perform public surgeries on themselves as a sort of art.

We follow Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen) and his partner Caprice (Lea Seydoux) as they work as performance artists where Caprice removes random organs that Saul can grow. There are tensions present in the society, as some think the new evolutions mark a change of humanity and need to be stopped, where others see them as the pathway to the future.

The dirty and destroyed interiors give the film a feeling of something post-nuclear war. Technology, including advanced technology exists, but other things seem oddly dated. I don’t think there is a single working vehicle in the film.

The film impressively doesn’t take a side. We are simply spectators in this new world where we watch (and listen) to the arguments of both sides. However, we are also somewhat into the dark surrounding the exact controversies present. Where is the line for what will be made illegal? In the less-is-more approach to the tale a lot works, but some things needed more explanation.

The idea of suffering as art or art as suffering has probably never been so explicitly explored on screen before. The ideas presented and the conversations that will follow the film are more interesting than the film itself. I liked the movie, honestly, but I found myself thinking more about the ramifications than anything on the screen. I suppose this makes it both a triumph and a slight misfire at the same time.

I’ve stalled writing this review as I couldn’t find the words to elaborate how I felt about the film. Looking above, I still don’t think I have. It is an interesting story that doesn’t offer easy answers or happy endings. Well acted, directed, and scored–sure. I don’t know. Something about it didn’t fully grab me.

I don’t know folks, just not much to say here. It is interesting though.

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