Let’s grab the camera.

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson return with another excellent slice of science fiction. Once again, our writing/directing team is also starring as John (Moorhead) and Levi (Benson), two neighbors who witness something strange in Levi’s apartment. Seeking fame and excitement, the two begin capturing evidence and crafting theories as to what exactly is happening.

The phenomena begins as somewhat benign and increases in power throughout the narrative. John, an arrogant former math-teacher turned photographer, becomes convinced there is a mathematical element to the strange lights and changes in gravity. Levi seems more open to interpretation but is often shut down by John.

We have two men who are seeking answers to a mystery and we see John become the embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect. However, the narrative makes us first question who Levi is and what his intentions are. Benson and Moorhead are masters of misdirection and this film is no exception. 

The confidence in which we interact with that which we don’t understand is an interesting phenomenon and the key issue here in the film. Further, we see John bend evidence to his theories rather than allow the evidence to influence him. Here, we have a mystery with flawed investigators.

I highly recommend this one and hope it does well. Made on a microbudget (filmed in their actual apartments) this is cut-down storytelling where everything extra has been stripped away. Further, Benson and Moorhead are probably two of the best storytellers in the business. It is also impressive that they are both such talented actors.

I don’t want to say much about the story itself as watching it unfold is both fascinating and sometimes frustrating. We don’t get easy answers and you’ll end up with more questions–but that is the point.

Benson and Moorhead take simple stories and build a complex web of meaning, morals, and philosophies from the stable foundation. An absolute must watch. 

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