After watching The Lobster, I realized that Yorgos Lanthimos might be one of the more innovative directors out there right now. Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz lead the story. In the future, single people are transported to a hotel and will be turned into an animal if they cannot find a mate within the allotted time.

The film as a whole will be hard to describe without giving away too many plot points. The film is both funny and bothersome, irreverent while at the same time offering harsh social commentary. Having an over-the-top soundtrack, an unpredictable script, and solid directing carry the film. The bizarre (often shocking) plot turns are presented with an odd mix of humor and a relentless gaze.

Where the film truly excels is the social commentary. The shallowness of humans, the existence of the patriarchy, and the idea of love are all presented within the film. One could argue that the film shows that rules are meant to be broken, or that rules will ultimately lead to revolt. Only Lanthimos can make a film that will make you laugh, cringe, and simply ask “what the hell” as you watch. His other work, Dogtooth, is also worth a watch (though not as humorous). Lanthimos’ English-language debut is a fantastic venture into the dystopian absurd. I score this film an 8.75/10. The reasons for the score are a solid script, directing, and acting throughout a film that is unconventional (to say the least). The one thing that does cause this film to have a non-perfect score is that the two halves of the film operate as two separate stories. More of a narrative connection would have made this transition less jarring. Many viewers may be turned off by the strange style, but if you’re willing to take a risk, you will experience a highly unique work.

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