Yeah, that’s not the real title, but whatever.

The Purge 3 is another one of the series of horror films that have come out in the last ten years. What distinguished the Purge from the other series at that this was a somewhat unique premise. A 12-hour yearly dystopia. Albeit the topic is silly, it is an interesting idea. Further, such an idea begs for analysis on what people are willing to do when nothing is illegal. With no consequences do we all become monsters? If you’re hoping the film will answer these questions, let me stop you right there. The best that these films can do is give the viewer an idea on how they could make a better version.

I think that is what annoys me the most about these movies. Their baseline concepts have promise. A family besieged, an innocent couple trying to survive on the streets, and political violence make up the major-narratives. These ideas are good, but are lost in unnecessary side-stories, lack-luster acting, and hacksaw editing.

Okay, so movies fail on their major points, we can accept this if we get good pulpy action in its place. The movies fail in that regard, too. John Wick is a stupid movie, but the pulpy action is at least fun to watch. The Purge fails in all regards.

Lastly, the politics of this movie are absurd. I am liberal, I think everyone knows that. The Purge panders so strongly to the left that it is ridiculous. The symbolism is so heavy handed (I probably shouldn’t even call it symbolism) that is borders on offensive—and I overall agree with their point! Movies like God is Not Dead and Miracle from Heaven are right wing equivalents of the message in the Purge. It is lazy writing, through and through. All narratives should be defined in part by what they are positioning themselves against. To portray the right as such an absurd caricature doesn’t do anything constructive. The film is a total misfire. Score: 4/10

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