Oh boy.


The Black Room is a sleazy piece of shit. Why this film was made is beyond me. It tries to market itself as a love letter to other 1980s horror films that have the nuance and wit of a three-year old. If you find sexual assault amusing this film is for you, otherwise, I would avoid it.

A couple buys a home that has an incubus trapped in the basement. There. That’s the plot. It seems that the film thinks it is so edgy, smart, and funny. Mind you, it fails on every regard in this. Aside from a terrible and tone-deaf story, we are treated to acting, effects, and directing that go beyond amateurish and into incompetence.

The characters are incredibly stupid. A worker goes missing in the couple’s basement, and this is due to his being grabbed by the demon. In the struggle, the worker losses his fingers. The home owners don’t notice the damn fingers on the ground. How is this even possible?

Movies don’t offend me very often. I am fine with edgy narratives or shocking images. Where I have a hard time is completely stupid films that are too inept to even realize the message they are putting forth. Women cannot control themselves—great lesson. Further, the objectification of women in films is something that the horror genre should work to leave in the past. Dredging this sort of garbage back up (even if it is some misconstrued attempt at nostalgia) does nothing for the genre or even the medium. The film literally tries to make a joke out of someone being raped to death.

Absolute garbage. 0/10



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