Let’s waste some more time watching these weird movies.

I will admit that I kind of liked the first Bad Ben film. We have a quirky guy who wanted to make a horror movie. Nigel Bach is a likable lead, but the story probably should have been left alone. Instead of an interesting and lovingly cheap horror film, we have a boring and cheaply made horror series.

Continuity is gone in this one. I am not sure where this one is supposed to be put into the rest of the trilogy, and it seems that no one cares. A lot of the events are rehashed (again) and I think some of the stuff might be recycled footage. (I am not going to rewatch the entire series to confirm this theory, but it feels too familiar). Tom (Nigel) once again buys a house and finds a bunch of creepy stuff. Not a lot new here.

The biggest problem with this newest installment is that it is boring. The film takes too long to get anywhere, and when mixed with the lack of anything new, it is more of a chore to watch. The meager 70 minute run time feels a little too long here. An interesting aspect of the film is that it shows the formula of not only the Bad Ben series, but just about every found-footage horror film. The genre as a whole is tired, and something needs to be done to give it an adrenaline shot.

Nigel is still deadpan in his delivery. His performance is the best part of the film, but he seems a little tired here. The emotionless delivery does well to differentiate the film the scream fests we normally get.

I am conflicted here. I complain about unlikable characters so much in horror it is hard to totally rag on a film that does have a likable lead. The acting is bad, but there is a charm here that is hard to ignore. As we watch Tom fight with a haunted doll there aren’t a lot of scares, but there is plenty of odd and humorous moments. I wish there would have been more new here. We need a setting change if this franchise is going to continue. (Though watching a grown man fight with a doll is at least amusing).

Those who know what the Mandela Effect is will see some of the twists in this one coming. I appreciate the idea, but I think it could have been done a little better here. Though the ending is quite funny (and probably the best reaction to a haunted house in film).

The Bad Ben series has a dedicated cult following, and I can see why, even if I don’t enjoy the films as much. If you’re looking for a cheesy and odd film that is a mixed bag at best, give this one a go. 4/10

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