A film that tries to rekindle the sexploitation flicks of the 1970s (and fails).


If Netflix wants to be taken seriously as a production company it needs to have some quality control. Currently, it is a major crap shoot when selecting one of their films, and this is becoming kind of tiring. I am honestly surprised this one was allowed to air.

Romina is another rape-revenge film—and if you’re not absolutely sick of those you’ll still be annoyed with this one. While I guess this is a nod to I Spit on Your Grave we should ask why a nod is needed for that film. There isn’t any meat on these bones, and this is a genre as a whole that should have died forty years ago.

Perhaps the most annoying feature of the film is the dripping pretension of every scene. Sorry director (I did not bother looking them up) you’re not Lars von Trier, so I’d forego the rainy violence and opera music. If this was meant to be a nod, it failed because all it made me want to do was watch films by better creators.

I truly believe that horror is one of the few genres that can explore sexual violence in an enlightening way. However, the idea of true exploration requires a script not written by what must have been a bunch of horny teen bros who kept saying “and then this will be cool” as they up the objectification, misogyny, and violence. Readers of this blog will know that I can appreciate violent films, so I am not pearl clutching about content—I am pissed about stupid content that is at best pointless. At worst, this film showcases a female’s body as inherently rape-able. The revenge is simply an excuse for gore, not a commentary on the need for justice (or the lack thereof). Such a comment simply cannot exist in a film this poorly made.

Aside from a terrible script with a stupid twist (that fails to add anything) we also have a film that simply looks awful. If you cut out the empty bullshit, we’d have maybe 40 minutes of “story,” but huge chunks of that are shot at night and are completely undecipherable. This film would fail an undergraduate first time film course. Once again, how or why Netflix decided this one was worthy of release is completely beyond me. Honestly, this isn’t even worth a hate watch. 0/10

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