Let’s take a look at a thought-provoking drama.


The Endless finally released widely this year, and we get to see the story of brothers Aaron and Justin come to terms with having grown up in a cult. Justin rescued Aaron when they were much younger, but now ten years later, broke and desperate, Aaron only remembers the good. Justin gives into Aaron’s request, and the two make a trip back to the compound.

The cult is interesting, and seems quite un-cultish at first glance. The members are kind (albeit a little heavy handed), and the community seems happy. However, it is clear that something is happening here that isn’t quite right. To start with, there are two moons in the sky, and this is only one example. Aaron seems happy here as well, but Justin wants to find out what exactly this entity they worship is (or wants).

The best part of the film is the complicated relationship between the brothers. They are both stunted, and their time in the cult changed them in subtle, yet profound ways. However, know that they are back in the cult’s area, they don’t fit in as well (at least Justin), but it becomes clear that they do not fit in elsewhere. As the mysteries begin to unravel, the film begins to question the limits of knowledge, and what knowing something truly means.

The film is a slow burner, and I do not want to give away any details about what is happening. However, this is an excellent film. The directing, acting, and writing are all top notch here. We have a true Lovecraftian narrative here, and the folks behind this film are now in my must-watch list.

The film is challenging, depressing, and interesting at the same time. I do think the ending could have had more of a punch, but overall this one is certainly worth viewing. Great performances from everyone involved. I don’t want to say anymore, go see this movie.

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