Let’s get some cheese.


Have you ever watched a movie and wondered if they were more or less making it up on the fly? I mean, obviously they have an idea of what they are going for, but beyond that it is just kind of a mess. Yeah, that is The Corpse Grinders in a nutshell. If you can get past the horrible sound, acting, film quality, and just about everything else you’ll still be disappointed.

We follow some folks with laughably bad haircuts who are struggling to keep their cat food company afloat, so (obviously) they begin robbing graveyards for cheap meat. However, this backfires and the local cats become ravenous for human flesh.

Where the film is oddly endearing is the complete nonsense often on the screen. We have a couple (the graverobbers) who feed soup to a baby doll with out any explanation. Or, the deaf woman who obviously doesn’t know sign language (nor does anyone else in the film) so they just kind of wing it. Not sure why, but these scenes make the film strangely watchable.

The film isn’t good—in fact it is objectively bad in just about every regard. However, fans of weird horror and schlock will find themselves looking fondly on the sheer stupidity of this one. The whole thing is played on the line between being serious and being absolute cheese—the weirdest part is that it seems like they weren’t sure which way to go. We end up with a fairly unique experience.

The concept of the film goes a lot further than the film itself. The idea of someone robbing the dead (or murdering people) for food isn’t new, but there is a reason Soylent Green has remained a part of our cultural lexicon. The problem here is that cats aren’t a scary villain. It is hard to believe otherwise healthy adults would be overpowered by a housecat. Not having this twist would have made the film more plausible, but a lot less fun.

If you want to watch a film that is completely absurd and so-awful-it-is-kind-of-amazing, then this is your ticket. Be warned though, this is the ultimate B movie.

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