Let’s see the first of the series.

dabbe 1

Since Netflix streamed the latter installments of Dabbe I have wanted to find the rest. Let’s see how this one goes.

It is kind of weird to watch this one as it is so much worse than the later ones. The annoying camera crap present in all of them is still loud and clear (emphasis on the loud) throughout. We get jilted screens, distortion, and a shitload of noise in scenes that don’t need any of it.

The camera quality is also poorer here than later iterations (as is to be expected), but it seems starker than I would have guessed. A lot of this seems to be shot with a handheld and lacks decent lighting throughout. While lighting in this series hasn’t every been a strong point, I never found it as a major detraction before.

As a wave of bizarre suicides sweeps across the world our heroes must figure out what is happening and uncover a dark secret. At least that is what the movie wants to be about. We get some interesting ideas presented in one the weirdest ways possible.

The whole film is just weird. It is inspired by J-horror in a lot of ways but is so all over the place with its construction that nothing really makes sense. It is so over the top that it simply can’t be scary. I know this one has a large cult following but I just don’t get it.

So much of the movie is three people just talking about a suicide. First, people don’t talk to each other in this stilted and weird way, and second: why do they keep changing locations. We go inside to outside and back with no explanation for anything. Also, why in the world are the police investigating a suicide so much?

I have no idea what point this film is trying to make. Maybe I just don’t see the cultural stuff (partly due to translation and partly due to cultural ignorance). However, the other films in this series are easy to follow and provide a lot of fun.

There is simply no fun to be had here.

The other films hint at this religious idea of the internet being a force for evil. This one plays with that idea more directly, but also includes scenes of our character just hanging out on a train… for… reasons?

The scary moments range from laughable to cringe worthy. Unfortunately, I just don’t have anything positive to say with much better movies available for streaming.

This movie is a mesh between the worst Hellraiser films and a soap opera. I enjoyed the other three I saw, but this one is just too weird and stilted to be enjoyable.

I think this one is skippable. However. The whole thing is so damn cheesy I could see watching this with some friends. The only problem is that the terrible sound mixing will give you a headache.

This is just a cheesy mess.

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