Spoilers ahead. Turn back if you care.

The first major twist of the film is that our two geniuses decide one of them needs to kill themselves after exactly one experiment doesn’t yield the results they wanted. Wee wants to because he misses his dead mom, but Gla wants to because it is his research.

Wee realizes his mom told them to be careful when they saw her ghost and hesitates, which leads Gla to kill himself before Wee can explain the warning. Wee’s mother’s warning ends up meaning absolutely nothing as it is never brought up again. Oh well, Gla is dead so let’s focus on that, I guess?

Wee becomes obsessed with contacting Gla and wants to continue their research. He realizes that if he puts himself or someone else Gla cares about in danger the spirit gets more power. Obviously, Wee torments Gla’s mother about the death of her son and eventually sexually assaults Gla’s girlfriend.

What. The. Fuck?

The film might think it is making some bold statement about the dangerous of obsessive research but in reality, it just argues that Wee is a psychopath. He makes the jump from skittish intern to complete lunatic a little too quick.

Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of the film is that Gla’s girlfriend just thinks she fell asleep (instead of being drugged and groped) and the medical board doesn’t seem certain they should take Wee’s license in the end. We get this weird happy ending where everyone grows, but no one fucking grew! Wee deserved to be in prison and everyone around him would be traumatized.

The film is so backward in its thinking and delivery that it would be on the nose for a 1970s exploitation film (in concept not content anyway). How or why this was made in 2021 is completely beyond me.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Netflix needs to start doing some sort of quality assessment on this crap before putting it on their platform. This, like countless others before, is just a terrible movie that will hang around forever.

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