Let’s be super serial.

Knowing that this is a follow-up to the French masterpiece Inside I had high expectations. My expectations were not met.

Let me start by praising Inside, a meaty and brutal grinder that has no pretension and seems to know exactly what it is. This one seems to want to be high art and doesn’t have the narrative chops to pull it off.

We follow Lucie, a young woman who is training to be a home-visiting nurse while reeling from her mother’s recent death. One of the patients, an old comatose woman, happens to have a bunch of hidden treasure (supposedly). Lucie’s brilliant boyfriend has the idea to rob it, so her, boyfriend, and third friend decide to break in and find out what the old woman is hiding.

How long do you think that paragraph should take to film? Did you say over thirty minutes? A third of the running time? You’re right! It also happens to be Halloween for reasons.

The overly serious musical scores and trying a little too hard artsy scenes grated on me from the jump. Just the tone of the opening credits is something that is taking itself entirely too seriously. Further, Lucie goes from never wanting to be a criminal to being up for some home invasion in about ten minutes. For the dreadful pacing you’d think they’d have developed the characters a bit more.

Anyway, our three idiots aren’t very likable, which I think at this point is more the norm than an actual criticism of horror. We spend time with characters we don’t like in a film that refuses to get into gear until around the halfway point. What happened here? I just don’t understand this one at all.

What I wouldn’t give to have horror drop the whole unlikable characters who don’t seem to like each other trope…

Once things begin (about an hour in) we do have some interesting ideas present. The backstory to what is happening is significantly more interesting than the main narrative. It is an interesting take, but the way it is presented here just doesn’t work.

Perhaps the most obnoxious part is that we do have some nice images and tension, but when it circles around empty characters there are no stakes. I did not care about anything that occurred here.

I wish this movie was even 1/10th as smart as it thinks it is. Despite the cool images this is a horrific waste of time.

Pretentious slop.

One of the worst of the new extreme French horror that I have seen. I’m going to have to rewatch Inside to see if my memory is faulty or something.

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